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Choose To Win Or Choose To Lose

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Traffic is slow, business is weak, the economy stinks and banks aren’t buying. Repeat this mantra one hundred times and see how you feel. I promise you that if you replay this message enough you will believe it as absolute truth and become depressed and desperate. No matter what circumstances are present the choice is simple; you choose to win or you choose to lose.

The one single ingredient that is always present in any success story is self determination. You are always responsible. You are responsible for the good and you are responsible for the bad, it’s just that simple. If you will allow any excuse for failure no matter how overwhelming the evidence, you have sewn the seeds for more excuses to follow.

To succeed in good or bad economies takes the exact same ingredients but in tougher times it takes more resolve to keep producing the successful ingredients. Your success or failure is based upon your beliefs and philosophy. If you do not have a belief system to support success and a personal philosophy of self determination, you are subject to all forces that cause failure.

You must create an impenetrable mind; a mind that can sustain all attacks of negativity and philosophies of randomness. The dirty truth is that most people do not believe in self determination. Most people are excuse makers and have philosophies of luck and a welfare belief system.

In the United States which is the richest country in the world with resources and opportunities that can only be imagined by people in some parts of the world, people make excuses everyday as to how they cannot control their own destiny. It is much easier to make excuses than to take control of your own destiny. After all, how can it ever be your fault? The economy is so bad and certainly you don’t control the economy.

The economy is made up of single micro economies that create a larger macro economy. You do control your economy and it starts between your ears. When you listen to the news and hear that things are not good, do you allow that to be your destiny? After all, if you hear it on the news, it must be true, right.

Let me ask you a few questions.

Did you allow your expenses and debt to get too high? Did you allow weak processes and accept less than favorable results? Did you create an ongoing relationship based marketing program to your existing customers or did you ignore your most valuable asset which is are your customers? Did you neglect to install and enforce daily education? Have you massively self-educated yourself on a daily basis to stay abreast of all developments in marketing, technology, social media and marketplace changes. Have you created a marketing plan based upon measurable direct response media that you continually tweak? Do you allow excuses and surround yourself with excuse makers?

Success is based upon certain fundamental truths. Install and adhere religiously to those truths without fail and you will succeed. Although everyone has setbacks, setbacks are not failures and are only temporary signs to adjust and plain accordingly. Always ask yourself, “What’s next?” Keep moving and adjusting. Success and failure are ultimately a choice. The choice is yours.

Mark Tewart, author of “How To Be A Sales Superstar”

The Only Thing That Changes In January Is the Calendar

Monday, November 9th, 2009

It’s that time of year, the dreaded last quarter. This is the time of year when managers and owners of businesses can fall into the “I am going to wait until January” mode. It’s a fact that the only thing that changes in January is the calendar.

If you are a manager or business owner stop putting up false boundaries to keep from making decisions. Waiting for the new year, spring, the end of vacation season, a better staff, a better economy or anything else is a sign of weak or no leadership. All boundaries are self created and induced. Strong leaders make decisions and weak managers look for reasons to postpone making decisions hoping that the issue will go away so they won’t have to make a decision.

The only reason to put off making a decision is because you don’t have enough information to make an intelligent decision. Otherwise say yes or say no but be decisive. When you put off a decision you are actually creating more decisions for yourself. You are making a decision to wait which means eventually you have to make a decision later. You are compounding the issue.

The more decisions you put off, the more you are cluttering your mind and life with unfinished business. Indecision begins to gnaw at you and take energy away for the other positive things that need your attention. It’s like having a desk and never throwing anything away. You just keep piling up everything that ever comes across your desk. How do you feel when you clean off your desk or clean out your closet? You feel renewed, refreshed and in order.

Putting off decisions is a sign of weak self confidence. You are afraid of making a mistake. However, not making a decision is a mistake in itself. The decision making process is like a muscle. The more you use it stronger it becomes. Don’t worry about making mistakes. It’s likely that many if not most of your decisions will be wrong. However, your correct decisions will far outweigh the bad ones and sometimes bad decisions lead you to better choices. All th while you will get better and stronger in making good decisions.

As an adult you probably make better decisions than when you were young. You are wiser and more experienced. However, when you stop trying to make decisions, it’s the same as staying young and naive in decision making. The only way to get better at making decisions is to make a lot of decisions. You will win some and you will lose some but you will become a better leader and a better and happier person.

January can either be a new month and the start of a fresh new year or it can be the continuum of the burdens you have carried into it.

Mark Tewart, author of “How To Be A Sales Superstar”  –